Mainland Island native wildlife sanctuary located in the Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand.
Wilderness hiking, Accommodation, Marine activities. Where humans and nature work in harmony.

Overview of the Queen Charlotte Wilderness Parkthe home of the Outer Queen Charlotte Track

Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park and the outer Queen Charlotte Track are situated on an isolated peninsula in the Queen Charlotte Sound of the Marlborough Sounds.  Originally a large sheep station the property is now a 6500000 square metre recreation reserve. Where there was grass there is now native forest and penguins and people play where the sheep used to graze.

As well as providing environmental services such as carbon sequestration  and native forest restoration and protection, we also provide accommodation for nature-loving visitors who often come to re establish their priorities away from the clamouring pressures of our modern world by visiting a place that is the way it is meant to be.

While you can easily come direct to the Park by sea you could also choose to walk in over the Parks only land connection to the outside world, the Outer Queen Charlotte Track, a two or three day natural experience you will never forget. Or if you would like a full weeks walk you could add the whole Queen Charlotte Track which connects to the Outer Queen Charlotte Track at Ship Cove..

It has often been said that New Zealand has all types of attractions within a small area. We are lucky to have almost the same range within our wilderness park!

Our range of environments, from sweet pasture to native forest, sandy beach to rocky shore and rolling hill to craggy cliff, form an inspiring backdrop to any of the great variety of activities you can enjoy.

The best thing is that, being private, we can control the number of people and type of activity present at any one time. This means that you can enjoy your chosen activity without conflicting competition, and in complete security.

All in all Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park is exactly the sort of place the old lonely planet used to love to find.


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