Mainland Island native wildlife sanctuary located in the Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand.
Wilderness hiking, Accommodation, Marine activities. Where humans and nature work in harmony.




If we were to be given a star for:

  • Outstanding sea views
  • bellbirds at the window
  • wekas at the door
  • penguins under the floor
  • low impact accommodation nestled in the bush
  • no roads
  • no car parks
  • no cars
  • no public
  • down to earth Kiwi hospitality with sincere and caring personal service and generous traditional fare

then we reckon we would be at least 12 star even if we made you sleep under them!


Because of its isolation from the mainland and strategic location Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park has always needed to be self contained and cater for its visitors, at least from about 1300AD when it is thought that the first Maori arrived. Place names like "Anakakata bay" (cave of Kakata) and "Onehunga" (sandy beach people) plus still visible occupation sites suggest a time probably busier than it is today...

Also still visible are the remains of the gold mining village about half way down the peninsula. At its peak in about 1880 the village had about fifteen houses accommodating about 25 people. At that time the main accommodation for the farm was at nearby Cannibal Cove.

It wasn’t until just after the turn of the last century that a homestead/farm workers complex was built. Up until recently visitors staying there would have been scrub cutters and fencers from as far away as Fiji, shearers or extended family and friends, present for a holiday or important occasion.

The refurbished complex is still used to accommodate our present day visitors but these days they are more likely to be walkers or nature lovers who have come to explore our eco-park.

The homestead is now rarely used for accommodation instead it provides common areas for all. Bedrooms are located in the visitors/farm workers quarters.

The complex is a down to earth and happy place providing plain but clean, comfortable and private shelter for our nature lovers and walkers. That is the style that we want, because we live here too and plan to do so for a long time and we would not want to do that if we had to live in some sort of wilderness theme park. Having said that, our goal is to try to make sure that your visit will be something that you will be very pleased to have made. Your visit is vital to the continuing success and development of our Park and its environmental objectives.

Main Features

  • Each bedroom can accommodate up to two either double or twin, is electrically heated and has its own shower, hand basin, toilet and writing desk.
  • All towels, linen etc. are provided.
  • Large lounge or common room with fire, library, piano and exceptional views. Candlelight dinners our speciality.
  • Dining room with "long table" and fully equipped kitchen, cutlery etc. for visitor use outside of dinner hours (See "meals" below)
  • Garden with BBQ area.
  • Small store for food and other items.
  • Telephone. We only have one line so there are usage restrictions.


  • Normally we will provide a 3-course wilderness dinner and continental breakfast each day. Dinners are served at the "long table" in the lounge. Dinner is table d’hote but vegetarian or special needs are no problem. Tell us anything we might need to know when you book. Continental breakfast is buffet set up in the same place. Those wishing to add to the breakfast or prepare other meals are welcome to use the lodge kitchen. Materials can be either provided from our small store or BYO as you please.
  • Wherever we can we use organic foodstuffs either grown here at the park if possible or imported from the mainland.
  • With regard to meats and fish all material is purchased or gathered with regard to the highest possible standards of animal welfare. For example all chickens and eggs are free range.
  • We do have very good fish stocks around our shores. We are always happy to prepare your seafood. We will even assist you to gather if that is what you wish.

Other facilities

  • A marina is available for berthing visitors small boats, yachts, launches, kayaks etc. No charge.
  • Basic range of snorkelling gear available No charge.
  • Basic fishing gear available. No charge.
  • Two single kayaks. No charge.

We do not hire things, rather the equipment is for our own use and it is our pleasure that you borrow it. You will notice that that is our approach to most things here.


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