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Work at the Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park is normally volunteer work. Volunteer work is where visitors work for us for about 4 hours every day in exchange for food and accommodation. We have had many visitors work for us in this way.

Workers need to be flexible. Depending on the time of year and your particular skills you could be helping with track maintenance, farm work, painting or repair work on buildings, cleaning, kitchen work, gathering of seafood or helping guests to enjoy the various activities such as hiking and exploring or, on the sea, swimming or snorkelling.

Normally you will join in with us on whatever we happen to be working on at the time. Some days you might work a lot some days not at all, depending on what we are doing. We like to think that we live, not work so where living stops and work begins can sometimes be hard to determine.

Your daily life will bring you into close contact with our paying guests. It is paying guests who allow us to carry on our work to enhance the natural values of our Park. Most are only here for a short time and it is up to us to make sure that they get to do what they want and enjoy themselves.

You should enjoy meeting and talking to people from all over the world who will probably be curious to know you. They will be mostly fun loving nature lovers who will have a high standard of basic values, just like you in fact, if you are the sort of person who will enjoy being here.

We have no road access and trips to town are infrequent. We do have the internet.

Your leisure time will be spent doing the things you can do at the Park. This means you must enjoy the simple pleasures that nature has to offer. Experiencing our very different lifestyle should be an important reason for coming here.

Stay length is negotiable but long stays are preferable. We like two weeks to be the minimum. 


We have enjoyed having our helpers and they have enjoyed being here and hopefully the world has improved a little through the experience.


The building below is where volunteers normally live. It is set up like a normal house although at one time it was the place where the sheep were shorn.



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