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Forest restoration sponsorship opportunities

The land that is now Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park was originally a farm. Some years ago now we stopped farming so the forest and creatures that originally lived here could return.

One problem we have now that didn’t exist before humans arrived is introduced species. With no control, rats, mice, possums, deer, pigs and goats would destroy what we are trying to do. Our job here is to keep numbers of these introduced threats to a level that will allow new forest to establish and the quality of our older forest to be maintained or improved. Without this, setting aside land for restoration and preservation would be pointless.

To support this work we have partnered with many individuals, companies and even our own government. The land restoration and forest maintenance sponsorships we offer are for a minimum of 100 square metres for one year. We guarantee to do everything we  can in perpetuity, to preserve any sponsored forest restoration.

The area that is sponsored can be either young or old forest as required by the sponsor. Some like to support new forest while others like the more advanced bi-diversity that can be associated with older forest. As far as we are concerned both types of forest require a similar amount of support.

One thing we do not do is offer sponsorships for individual trees. This is because we wish our forest to be entirely natural, not a line of trees like a plantation. In a natural forest things continually change as trees mature and fall to be replaced with new and sometimes quite different species. It is possible to guarantee (at least to the degree that we can control it) that the forest will last forever but not a particular tree.

If you would like to have your own piece of forest but are not in a position to do so yourself then our special website at will tell you how to go about it.

Carbon offsets

Many sponsors simply like the idea of having a natural forest established on their behalf for its own sake while others are more interested in specific things that a forest can do. For example some sponsors have a specific interest in a natural forests ability to minimise atmospheric CO2. A growing forest removes CO2 from the atmosphere and a well maintained mature forest prevents it from returning.

This interest has arisen because humans have realised that we cannot keep increasing atmospheric CO2 and keep a climate that will allow us to survive in some sort of comfort comparable to that we enjoy today.

When a partner agrees to sponsor the restoration or maintenance of an area of natural forest here, we agree to give up the carbon rights (if any) associated with that area of forest. The partner can then use those rights as they see fit, whether they be used to help a company to claim that their business does not involve putting CO2 into the atmosphere or whether ( like the Government) they need the rights to fulfil their treaty obligations.

Of course all our forest is natural. We feel this is quite important because it seems silly to utilize plantation forests for this purpose when they can cause more problems than they fix.

If you are interested in minimising your CO2 impacts by investing in natural forest restoration right here at the park. our special website at will tell you how to go about it.


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