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More Tracks

Outer Queen Charlotte Track in reverse

If you are not confident that you are fit enough to take on the walk from Ship Cove to the Lodge why not travel to the Lodge direct and walk in reverse towards Ship Cove. This way you won’t completely miss out but will always be in control. Walk as far as you like and when you’ve had enough simply retrace your steps.

Kaitangata Loop

Another walk popular with those travelling direct by sea to the Lodge. Takes you some way into the forested end of Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park. It is part an old bridle track above the cliffs which eventually links up with the main track from Ship Cove. Takes you past Jellekes Hoek (our environment) and Taki lookout. 2-3hrs

Mussel Point

About 40minutes through old Karaka and Kohekohe forest gets you to a reef loaded with delicious green mussels. A top place to rock fish, swim or snorkel.It is best to time your visit to coincide with low tide. A magical spot, we suggest you take refreshments and allow at least 2-3 hours.

Gold Mines

A side track 15 minutes off the main Lodge to Lighthouse trail will take you to the general area. See old machinery, stone house remnants and some good tunnels all around a delightful cove. What makes this different is its proximity to the sea. The tunnel is in the centre of the cove, about 20m above sea level and drives into the hill for about 70m. The entrance is quite small but opens to walking height once inside. 4hrs

Walk back to Picton

There is a public track starting at Ship Cove (Queen Charlotte Track) which ends at Anikiwa at the southern end of Queen Charlotte Sound. If this track is combined with our Outer Queen Charlotte Track this 90km walking experience takes about six to seven days to complete. An unusual feature though is that a well serviced waterway runs alongside the entire length, allowing walkers to design their experience to suit the time available by using a launch service to drop them off and pick them up from almost any point along the way. The launch service will also carry packs between overnight stops.

If you would like to do this is it is far more efficient in terms of launch costs and time to walk the Outer Queen Charlotte first. After this is complete the launch service will return the walkers to Ship Cove to continue the journey south.

Suggested Itinerary for walking the whole length of Queen Charlotte Sound

Day one

  • Travel from Picton leaving 9am Picton Town wharf Tuesday or Friday. Travel to Ship Cove. Walk to Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park Lodge at Anakakata Bay on the Outer Queen chalotte Track.

Day two

  • Explore northern Queen Charlotte Wilderness Park by walking a circular route via the lighthouse at the tip of Cape Jackson, returning to the Lodge at Anakakata Bay.

Day three

  • The launch will take you from Anakakata bay to Ship Cove to walk on to either the Furneaux Lodge area or Tawa Cove in Endeavour Inlet. Several accommodation places, from backpackers to hotel.

Day four

  • Walk from Endeavour Inlet to Punga Cove area Several accommodation places, from backpackers to hotel.

Day five

  • Walk from Punga Cove to Torea Bay. Several accommodation places, from backpackers to hotel.

Day six

  • Walk from Torea Bay to Anakiwa. Launch will return you in the late afternoon to Picton.


Prices for Outer Queen Charlotte Track as on prices page plus cost of accommodation of your choice Ship cove south.


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